How to Do Business in Turkey Webinar

On September 10, 2020, ATILA Hosted a high-level seminar featuring industry experts from Turkey about the business opportunities and risks.

ATILA hosted a high-level panel featuring Ms. Omur Demir Kizilarslan, Director of Strategy Management Consultancy and Trader Services, Mr. Adem Kula, Secratory General, ECOCCI, Union Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, and Mr. Ferhan Yildizli, Lawyer and Entrepreneur. President Rayhan Asat moderated the panel.

Ömür Demir Kizilarslan

Ms. Kizilarslan has an extensive work experience in international trade, multilateral trading rules and procedures, policy analysis, institutional and regulatory legal framework, international negotiations, implementation, technical assistance and international business development. Mrs. Kizilarslan started her 33-year public service in the field of foreign trade at the Turkish Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade. She worked in various positions in this institution, ranging from the Head of Department to the Deputy Director General between the years of 1985 to 2009. Between 2010-2014, she served as the Director General responsible for economic research and assessment at the Turkish Ministry of Economy. In the period of public service, she worked in the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva, between the years of 1993-1997. She served as the Chief Commercial Counselor of Turkey in London, between 2003-2006 and in Washington, between 2014-2018. Mrs. Kizilarslan retired from the public service in February 2019. She has provided consultancy services in the fields of foreign trade and international business. Currently, she has been working as the Director of Strategy Management Consultancy and Foreign Trade Services at the Financial Axis GGI-Geneva Group of International (www.finansaleksen.com.tr), in Ankara. Mrs. Kizilarslan holds a Bachelor C.P Degree from the Middle East Technical University (METU), Faculty of Architecture (the Department of City and Regional Planning), in Ankara.

Mr. Adem Kula

Mr. Adem Kula is the Secretary General of Economic Cooperation Organization Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (ECO CCI) Adem has years of experience and expertise working in Central Asia region on business, economy and bilateral relationships.

Mr. Ferhan Yildizli

Ferhan YILDIZLI works as Business Development Director at Financial Axis Independent Audit and Consultancy Firm and also one of the Founders of the Juris Law and Consultancy Office. Mr. YILDIZLI counsels a wide range of clients from strategic investors to private equity firms and individual investors with the objective of providing real-world solutions on countless transactions, agreements and strategic concerns. He also has significant experience in International Trade. Mr. YILDIZLI combines his extensive practical experience with a strong academic background. He is a PHD candidate in Private Law, and holds a bachelor's and master's degree both in International Relations and Law. Mr. YILDIZLI has produced various publications especially on Entrepreneurship and International Trade. And also, Mr. YILDIZLI is a certified lecturer in Turkish Foreign Trade Association and gives lectures at The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.

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