ATILA Stands in Solidarity with the Black Community

American Turkic International Lawyers Association (“ATILA”) is a community of American lawyers, American lawyers with Turkic origins, and Turkic legal professionals that strive to develop strong relationships, promote legal dialogue, and generate innovation in the legal community.

Our hearts are broken by the death of Mr. George Floyd. Our support goes out to all of those feeling the pain of Mr. Floyd’s tragic death.

As lawyers, we took an oath to seek truth and administer justice. We must work together to support the Black community as well as any marginalized community and oppose any form of injustice.

We recognize the need for reform in our government and criminal justice systems to protect the constitutional and human rights afforded to all human beings.

As a Turkic bar association that represents lawyers of colors, we understand the urgency of dialogue on topics surrounding race, ethnicity, disparity, and privilege. We are committed to spark conversations on these important topics and be a part of the solution.

ATILA stands in solidarity with our Black community for love and justice.

We can never afford to stop promoting diversity.

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