ATILA Is Officially Launched

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

ATILA KICK OFF HAPPY HOUR ON August 29, 2019 at the Watergate Hotel

ATILA Launch Party

Dear Friends and colleagues,

We successfully launched the American Turkic International Lawyers Association. ("ATILA"). We could have spent more time to plan for our launch; No matter how much time we invest, we'd think it could've been better. With this in mind, we decided to kick off with a smaller event and aim bigger as we grow. Such an approach is often seen in the entrepreneurship world. Entrepreneurs often discover how their products can have a broad reach or multi-purposes after the launch. It is the journey that leads to further discovery.

Given the few days notice, we had a huge turnout in D.C. We believe excellence can be achieved with growth. With the participation of lawyers from private practice, government, and in-house, as well as academics from Turkey, we hosted our kick-off event at the breathtaking Watergate Hotel.

The Watergate Hotel generously offered their private space and service for our launch. On behalf of ATILA, we are very grateful for their generosity! We look forward to having you join our events and LinkedIn Group to meet other professionals of similar interests and passion!

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